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I’m Somar, your spiritual guide on your personal journey of improvement. I’ve combined my intuitive gifts with modern wisdom to create transformative experiences that help you manifest your dreams, heal your past, and step into your power. I’m a proud wife and mother of three beautiful children, and my journey of healing and growth has led me to share these transformative tools with you.

Through the trials and triumphs of my own life, I discovered the profound impact of healing and self-discovery. My passion for guiding others on their path to transformation led me to become an intuitive coach and healer. With “that girl” energy and a sprinkle of Jhené Aiko vibes, I’m here to infuse your journey with the energy of ascension, manifestation, and pure healing magic.

What They Say

    From Lost to Empowered

    "Before I started my journey with The Healing Baddie, I felt like I was wandering through life without purpose. Every step felt like a struggle, and I was haunted by past traumas. But then, I met my guide who changed everything. Through her intuitive coaching and healing, I found renewed confidence, a clear path forward, and the strength to heal my past wounds. Today, I stand tall, empowered, and ready to conquer the world. Thank you for helping me unlock my true potential."

      A Journey of Self-Discovery

      "Working with The Healing Baddie has been a transformative experience beyond my expectations. I was trapped in a cycle of confusion and uncertainty, unsure of where life was taking me. But with her guidance, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery that led me to find my true purpose. Through healing and introspection, I not only healed old wounds but also reconnected with my inner child. I can now embrace life's challenges with newfound confidence and a positive outlook."

        Embracing the Queen Within

        "I always felt like I was living a life that wasn't truly mine. The lack of confidence and self-esteem held me back from pursuing my dreams. The Healing Baddie became my beacon of light. With her support, I learned to channel my inner strength, embrace my uniqueness, and exude confidence. I've transcended limits I once thought were insurmountable. This journey has been nothing short of magical, and I'm eternally grateful for the transformation she ignited within me."

          A Radiant Glow-Up

          "The Healing Baddie is a true alchemist of transformation. I was buried under the weight of past traumas, unable to move forward. But her intuitive coaching and healing brought about a radiant glow-up in all aspects of my life. With her unwavering support, I've healed past wounds, gained clarity about my path, and now radiate positivity and joy. It's as if she helped me unveil the diamond that was always within me, and I'm now shining brighter than ever before."

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